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26.07.2012 05:15
User: 0.8 
A vast number of deolevpers are not working on unix based machines, for various reasons, some by choice some by employer mandate.  This port means that more deolevpers will have the option to reliably work with Node.  I do not think anyone is suggesting that Windows is an ideal server OS for Node, but it is adequate for development.  It would be nice to see Node being an alternative to the wamp stack.  In contrast, Ruby support has all but dried up on Windows; and for that reason alone I have seen corporate dev shops stick with Java. Those same shops have let deolevpers sneak in a bit of PHP here and there because of work done with wamp setups on developer machines.So, let them work with Node on their Windows workstations, of course the production servers will be unix, but if nobody is building anything then no servers will be getting the Node install anyway.

24.07.2012 13:35
User: 0.8 
Hi great job for with the detailed inmrifatoon,I wanât to mention the one click installationâ¦unfortunately these days there are still some servers/web hosts that do not have the one click installation of wordpressâ¦its a shame because it is so simple to install wordpress with either one click or CPanel(fantasticoDeluxe), it takes just a few seconds and you are done.I have many Blogs all have the one click installation except one and I always have problems with that one, any ways the point of my rambling is if you do not yet have a web host please choose one with the one click installation, you will not have any problems and its worth its weight in gold.if you would like some video tutorials on wordpress click on my name above. thanks Keith

19.11.2010 16:05
User: my_c_tu 
hallo leute...a hab das programm portable für die shcule runtergeladen..nur ich hab null ahnung wie das funktioniert..dort steht oben nur servermanager..ich komm nicht weiter :S....wäre toll wenn ihr mir helfen könnt...thx

05.08.2009 19:09
User: ade 
FileZilla bietet alles was ein FTP Client können sollte, kann gar nicht verstehen wie bestimmte Firmen für einen FTP Client Geld verlangen können!

28.06.2009 18:09
User: jed 
hab sowohl die Windows als auch die Linux Version ausprobiert, bin absolut zufrieden damit, funktioniert wunderbar!

22.01.2007 16:24
User: Johanens Schrefl 
Dies ist ein super einfches und ohne schnick schnack programm!
  Ich würde es auf jedenfall weiterempfehlen!
  Probies doch selber aus!

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