VMWare Server 2.0.2 - gratis Virtualisierung


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erstellt am 24.07.2012 11:07
User: jaxmhqlfYIVeFyxB 
The person who sgseegtud logmein (or whatever that remote control service is) needs to read the question again   that's a fine solution  for ONE USER at a time.  This person needs SEVEN users.Server 2003 is a little cheaper  but you have to think about what you are doing with it and if there will be any growth.  A terminal server should have LOTS of RAM I like as an absolute MINIMUM 512 MB per user  prefer 1 GB per user.  BUT 32 bit versions of Windows Server Standard only support 4 GB of RAM TOTAL.  You could go with Enterprise  but that's $3000+.  So you're left with 64bit Versions of Windows   which you need to check your software on   MOST 32bit software will work fine under x64, but NOT ALL.  (64 bit versions of Windows go at least to 32 GB of RAM  Enterprise 64bit, I believe, goes to 2TB).As for parallels or another virtual platform, you still need windows licenses AND licenses for parallels  In the end, for 7 users, the total cost may be SLIGHTLY more expensive for a Windows solution instead of parallels, but if you ever need to add more stations, it will rapidly become cheaper with Windows.  The exception to this is if you end up with software that is not compatible with Windows Server 64bit versions.  Then parallels will likely be worth the cost.By the way   2003 and 2008 have the same 4 GB limit for 32 bit versions of Server standard.  I'd go wtih 2008, as it will last you longer and offers some advanced RDP (Terminal Services) features, like Terminal Services Gateway.

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