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Preview Virtual desktop in Docker + Internet browser access

Virtual desktop in Docker + Internet browser access

created: 2024-06-18 from Bernhard

Now I really no longer need a VPN tunnel to my own home network: A desktop infrastructure (CDI) allows me to access a virtual Linux workspace in my own network directly from a browser: Provided via a container. ... continue reading

Preview OpenWRT WLAN FT configuration - Online generator

OpenWRT WLAN FT configuration - Online generator

created: 2024-06-11 from Bernhard

To be able to set my WLAN settings for OpenWrt more quickly, I have put together an online wizard for creating the necessary commands. The aim of the setup is to create a common WLAN mobility domain for several access points: so that roaming - FT (Fast Transition) - between the access points works properly. Access points with an existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band are required as hardware. The commands are compiled for the first two WLAN interfaces to enable band steering between the two interfaces.... ... continue reading

Preview OpenWrt: generate External R0 and R1 Key Holder - online

OpenWrt: generate External R0 and R1 Key Holder - online

created: 2024-05-30 from Bernhard

Create OpenWRT 802.11r External Key Holder List: r0kh and r1kh For a simpler setup, it is usually recommended to use the "Generate PMK locally" option, as this allows OpenWRT to generate the keys itself, at least for WPA2. Alternatively, the key lists can also be entered directly in the GUI or specified via the config file. To make it easy to sum the keys, I have built a form that can be used to generate the necessary settings. ... continue reading

Preview MPP Bypass Diode Power Optimizer vs Dynamic Peak

MPP Bypass Diode Power Optimizer vs Dynamic Peak

changed: 2024-05-24 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2023-08-14)

Each PV module has a so-called Maximum Power Point (MPP), the operating point at which the voltage used achieves maximum output. The data of the modules can be found in their data sheet. ... continue reading

Preview PV - Considerations - Planning - Implementation

PV - Considerations - Planning - Implementation

changed: 2024-05-16 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2023-07-27)

Compared to 2023, the module prices are now much cheaper and the waiting time for implementation much shorter. This was actually foreseeable, but I - like many others - lost my nerve in 2023 and installed the PV system on the roof myself. In hindsight, I was able to compensate for the higher material price with my own work and the more expensive - but more lucrative - subsidy. And: I can still feed the entire output into the grid before the nearby transformer station is extended, even if the rem... ... continue reading

Preview OpenWrt Practice: WLAN access point commissioning

OpenWrt Practice: WLAN access point commissioning

created: 2024-05-14 from Bernhard

This article is about WLAN: everywhere in the house: on every floor, specifically about the commissioning of WLAN access points with OpenWrt as firmware. I have chosen the ZyXEL NWA50AX as the hardware for the access points: Equipped with 2 CPU cores, 128 MB flash and 256 MB RAM, the NWA50AX supports WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and can be powered with the supplied power supply unit or optionally via PoE. The ZyXEL NWA50AX is one of several available devices on which OpenWrt can be installed, see: OpenWrt... ... continue reading

Preview The best AntiVirus? Is Windows Defender enough antivirus?

The best AntiVirus? Is Windows Defender enough antivirus?

changed: 2024-04-18 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-12)

In times before Windows 10, the use of an own AntiVirus program was necessary to run the PC reasonably safe. Initially, Microsoft did not offer a solution here at all, later, in Windows 7, the Microsoft AV could be installed under the name Microsoft Security Essentials and since Windows 8, an anti-virus protection is integrated in Windows, the "Windows Defender". Windows Defender can be found in the settings under"Virus & threat protection". To make it appear that the firewall works in conju... ... continue reading

Preview Maximum PV self-consumption heat pump (2/2)

Maximum PV self-consumption heat pump (2/2)

changed: 2024-04-08 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2024-02-29)

My heat pump was anything but smart until I married it to an ESP32 microcontroller. Since the marriage, it has been monitored by Home Assistant and controlled via automation. Combined with the performance data of the PV system, Home Assistant is able to use the electricity produced as directly as possible for heating and thus increase self-consumption. ... continue reading

Preview free slicer comparison: PrusaSlicer vs Cura vs Slic3r

Cura in version 5.7.2 published  

changed: 2024-04-07 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-06)

I have used 2 different slicers extensively so far: Cura and PrusaSlicer. Both slicers are free, both deliver usable results with the manufacturer's default settings, both have their strengths and hardly any weaknesses. ... continue reading

Preview Energy dashboard: example  Fronius Gen24 & BYD storage

Energy dashboard: example Fronius Gen24 & BYD storage

created: 2024-03-25 from Bernhard

The Home Assistant Energy Dashboard shows all relevant energy data in a complete overview. Performance data from a wide range of manufacturers or components can be used as the basis for the dashboard. Only sensors with the corresponding performance data are required to supply the interface with data. ... continue reading

Preview OpenDTU - ESP32 - Hoymiles inverter

OpenDTU - ESP32 - Hoymiles inverter

created: 2024-02-07 from Bernhard

As already mentioned in an earlier article, I have replaced the Deye-SUN800 inverter with a Hoymiles HMS-2000-4T. The HMS-2000-4T does not have a WLAN module, so access is only possible via its own DTU (Data Transfer Unit). The DTU is a kind of bridge between WLAN and the inverter's sub-1G radio. In addition to the manufacturer's DTU, there are 2 open source projects for a DIY DTU: AhoyDTU and OpenDTU. The hardware basis of the projects is an ESP32 and an additional radio module. Depending on th... ... continue reading

Preview Hoymiles HMS, best balcony power plant inverter?

Hoymiles HMS, best balcony power plant inverter?

created: 2024-01-29 from Bernhard

I originally used a Deye Sun 800 inverter for my balcony power plant and replaced it with a Hoymiles HMS-2000-4T. The HMS-2000-4T supports up to 4 PV panels and can limit the output to 600 or 800 watts, making it suitable for use as a balcony power plant, among other things. As described in the article "Deye PV balcony power plant: commissioning and HA integration", I have increased the output of my balcony power plant by using 4 panels instead of 2 PV panels, which is not ideal, especially... ... continue reading

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Smart Home

Preview Smart Home

Retrofitting your existing home with smart home functions is now easier than ever. However, due to the large number of standards and available software components, choosing a suitable system is not so easy. If you are still looking for suitable software for home automation, you should take a look at Home Assistant.

Home Server

Preview Home Server

A dedicated home server can be used as the basis for your own private cloud or smart home.


Preview Network

Understanding, analyzing or expanding your own network: Basics for the home network.


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3D Printer

Preview 3D Printer

Field reports about Prusa i3 based FDM printers


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