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Preview add a Relay Board ESP32 - ESPHome
ESP32 /

add a Relay Board ESP32 - ESPHome

created: 2023-10-02 from Bernhard

To be able to switch certain relays in Home Assistant via an ESP32, I tested a relay board and integrated it via ESP-Home. ... continue reading

Preview The best AntiVirus? Is Windows Defender enough antivirus?
Windows /

The best AntiVirus? Is Windows Defender enough antivirus?

changed: 2023-09-26 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-12)

In times before Windows 10, the use of an own AntiVirus program was necessary to run the PC reasonably safe. Initially, Microsoft did not offer a solution here at all, later, in Windows 7, the Microsoft AV could be installed later under the name Microsoft Security Essentials and since Windows 8, an anti-virus protection is integrated in Windows, the "Windows Defender". Windows Defender can be found in the settings under"Virus & threat protection". To make it appear that the firewall works in... ... continue reading

Preview HAOS Installation: Publish RPi securely over the Internet
Home Assistant / Hardware-Installation /

HAOS Installation: Publish RPi securely over the Internet

created: 2023-09-25 from Bernhard

One of the preferred installation variants of Home Assistant, besides the use of Docker, is the Home Assistant operating system: HAOS and a Raspberry Pi (RPi). Using a Raspberry Pi as a smart home control center is simple, cheap to purchase, and power efficient to operate.  ... continue reading

Preview HAOS-VM tested in Hyper-V
Home Assistant / Hardware-Installation /

HAOS-VM tested in Hyper-V

created: 2023-09-18 from Bernhard

For HAOS, in addition to its own hardware, such as a Raspberry PI, any HyperVisor in Linux or Windows can be used. As an example Virtualbox, Proxmox or under Windows HyperV. Representative for other HyperVisors I tested the installation with HyperV. ... continue reading

Preview Node-RED in Docker and Home Assistant integration
Home Assistant / Integrations /

Node-RED in Docker and Home Assistant integration

created: 2023-09-11 from Bernhard

Especially complex automations may become a bit confusing in Home Assistant and its automations. If you reach the limits of the integrated automations, you can alternatively use your own automation platform such as Node-Red. In Node-Red, processes can be put together using various logic modules in a visual GUI via drag and drop. ... continue reading

Preview free slicer comparison: PrusaSlicer vs Cura vs Slic3r
3D Printer /

PrusaSlicer in version 2.6.1 published  

changed: 2023-09-10 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-06)

I have used 2 different slicers extensively so far: Cura and PrusaSlicer. Both slicers are free, both deliver usable results with the manufacturer's default settings, both have their strengths and hardly any weaknesses. ... continue reading

Preview Docker Quick Start: Why? What are containers for? Hardware?
Docker /

Docker Quick Start: Why? What are containers for? Hardware?

changed: 2023-09-06 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2023-06-29)

Step by step guide published as YouTube video ... continue reading

Preview HA: Use values of any WebGUI as entities
Home Assistant / Integrations /

HA: Use values of any WebGUI as entities

created: 2023-09-04 from Bernhard

After my Internet access lost connection from time to time, I wanted to monitor the signal quality of the cable router in Home Assistant. Due to lack of API, I use the router's management interface for the query and parse the output in Bash. in Bash. With this approach, the values from almost any web GUI can be made available in Home Assistant. ... continue reading

Preview OpenWRT & Home Assistant: evaluate, visualize, automate
Home Assistant / Integrations /

OpenWRT & Home Assistant: evaluate, visualize, automate

created: 2023-08-28 from Bernhard

Access in your own network usually takes place centrally via the router, so certain conclusions can be drawn about its data. In addition to the utilization of the Internet access or the individual interfaces, the data from the OpenWRT router can also provide information about the status of certain devices. For example, the presence status of certain devices in the WiFi can be recorded via the device tracker. Using collectd and mqtt it is also possible to read out the CPU and RAM usage as well as... ... continue reading

Preview OpenWRT hardware recommendation - available devices 2023
OpenWrt /

OpenWRT hardware recommendation - available devices 2023

changed: 2023-08-22 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-07-11)

OpenWRT provides a uniform and up-to-date software for different network devices like routers or access points and delivers countless additional setting options, software packages and functions. This makes it possible to combine new and old devices from different manufacturers and, among other things, to use low-cost hardware in a common WiFi, see: Setting up a home network: Extending LAN and WLAN | Improving. ... continue reading

Preview Fronius Gen24 Commissioning: Connection >Setup >Integration
PV /

Fronius Gen24 Commissioning: Connection >Setup >Integration

created: 2023-08-21 from Bernhard

One of the first details needed for the approval of a PV system is the data of the inverter. In the years 2022/ 2023, in besides the technical data, the availability was also a decision criterion for the selection. In order to fix the inverter type and to be able to plan the rest of the plant better, I first tried to get my favorite inverter - the Fronius Gen24 - in advance. Although somewhat overpriced, but in stock, I was able to order the device via Amazon and a provider: ... continue reading

Preview MPP and the Shadow: Power Optimizer vs Dynamic Peak
PV /

MPP and the Shadow: Power Optimizer vs Dynamic Peak

created: 2023-08-14 from Bernhard

Each PV module has a so-called Maximum Power Point (MPP), the operating point at which the voltage used achieves the maximum power. The data of the modules can be taken from their data sheet. ... continue reading

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