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Preview OpenDTU - ESP32 - Hoymiles inverter
OpenDTU - ESP32 - Hoymiles inverter /

OpenDTU - ESP32 - Hoymiles inverter

created: 2024-02-07 from Bernhard

As already mentioned in an earlier article, I have replaced the Deye-SUN800 inverter with a Hoymiles HMS-2000-4T. The HMS-2000-4T does not have a WLAN module, so access is only possible via its own DTU (Data Transfer Unit). The DTU is a kind of bridge between WLAN and the inverter's sub-1G radio. In addition to the manufacturer's DTU, there are 2 open source projects for a DIY DTU: AhoyDTU and OpenDTU. The hardware basis of the projects is an ESP32 and an additional radio module. Depending on th... ... continue reading

Preview Hoymiles HMS, best balcony power plant inverter?
PV /

Hoymiles HMS, best balcony power plant inverter?

created: 2024-01-29 from Bernhard

I originally used a Deye Sun 800 inverter for my balcony power plant and replaced it with a Hoymiles HMS-2000-4T. The HMS-2000-4T supports up to 4 PV panels and can limit the output to 600 or 800 watts, making it suitable for use as a balcony power plant, among other things. As described in the article "Deye PV balcony power plant: commissioning and HA integration", I have increased the output of my balcony power plant by using 4 panels instead of 2 PV panels, which is not ideal, especially... ... continue reading

Preview Home Assistant snow detection PV system
Home Assistant / Automation /

Home Assistant snow detection PV system

created: 2024-01-22 from Bernhard

In a PV system, the voltage increases with the number of PV modules, even in poor lighting conditions. This is different if certain modules are partially or completely covered in snow. I have taken advantage of this fact and created a snow detection function in Home Assistant. Why? To correct the PV forecast for the next day and adjust the heating control accordingly. ... continue reading

Preview Hot water preparation: electricity vs. heat pump
PV /

Hot water preparation: electricity vs. heat pump

created: 2024-01-10 from Bernhard

Solutions for hot water preparation are often offered in combination with PV systems. The hot water is usually heated using a heating rod, i.e. purely electrically. The use of a heat pump would be much more efficient. To illustrate the difference, I have put together a small online calculator: ... continue reading

Preview Home Assistant Automation - Possibilities & Basics
Home Assistant /

Home Assistant Automatisierung: Update zu 2024.1

changed: 2024-01-07 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2023-04-26)

From controlling the pool pump to the heating to the robotic mower, automations in Home Assistant offer a way to make things around your home really smart. ... continue reading

Preview Convert date: Unix Timestamp
Linux /

Convert date: Unix Timestamp

created: 2024-01-03 from Bernhard

Online tool to convert a Unix timestamp to a date or date to Unix timestamp. The Unix timestamp counts the elapsed seconds since January 1st, 1970, 0:00. ... continue reading

Preview HA history: more than 10 days? Long Time Statistic (LTS)
Home Assistant /

HA history: more than 10 days? Long Time Statistic (LTS)

created: 2023-12-27 from Bernhard

By default, the history in Home Assistant shows the status changes of the last 10 days and supplements older data for certain entities from the Long Time Statistic (LTS). In this article you will find out which entities these are and how the data is stored in the Home Assistant. ... continue reading

Preview Deye PV balcony power plant commissioning and HA integration
Home Assistant / Integrations /

Deye SUN600/800 - Read out password

changed: 2023-12-26 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2023-03-21)

Thanks to a security hole, the password of the Deye SUN inverters can be easily read out with a small tool from Github ... continue reading

Preview free slicer comparison: PrusaSlicer vs Cura vs Slic3r
3D Printer /

PrusaSlicer in version 2.7.1 published  

changed: 2023-12-18 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-06)

I have used 2 different slicers extensively so far: Cura and PrusaSlicer. Both slicers are free, both deliver usable results with the manufacturer's default settings, both have their strengths and hardly any weaknesses. ... continue reading

Preview Fronius and BYD battery control via Modbus
PV /

Fronius and BYD battery control via Modbus

created: 2023-12-18 from Bernhard

The Fronius inverter can be read out and controlled via the integrated Modbus interface. For example, charging or discharging can be forced, or a charging or discharging limit can be set. Why? To get even more out of the system. ... continue reading

Preview Fronius: Read / Change settings via network: Modbus
PV /

Fronius: Read / Change settings via network: Modbus

created: 2023-12-06 from Bernhard

For direct API access to the Fronius inverter, Modbus can be used as an alternative to the Rest-API interface (Solar-API). Modbus TCP enables data to be read out via the network and certain settings to be changed. For example, Modbus can be used to intervene in the charging behavior of the battery, see: Controlling Fronius and BYD batteries via modbus ... continue reading

Preview The best AntiVirus? Is Windows Defender enough antivirus?
Windows /

The best AntiVirus? Is Windows Defender enough antivirus?

changed: 2023-11-29 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-12)

In times before Windows 10, the use of an own AntiVirus program was necessary to run the PC reasonably safe. Initially, Microsoft did not offer a solution here at all, later, in Windows 7, the Microsoft AV could be installed under the name Microsoft Security Essentials and since Windows 8, an anti-virus protection is integrated in Windows, the "Windows Defender". Windows Defender can be found in the settings under"Virus & threat protection". To make it appear that the firewall works in conju... ... continue reading

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