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Stories for "Hardware"

Preview [DIY] Build your own low power NAS: cheap and energy-efficient

[DIY] Build your own low power NAS: cheap and energy-efficient

changed: 2023-01-15 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-05)

If you are looking for a NAS (Network Attached Storage) for home use, you cannot avoid the manufacturers Synology and QNAP. Both manufacturers deliver small NAS complete solutions with the option to synchronize data locally or via the Internet, and both do not exactly charge little money for the hardware used. ... continue reading

Preview Cheap and economical Docker Mini Server for home use

Cheap and economical Docker Mini Server for home use

created: 2023-01-23 from Bernhard

If you want to run a small server at home, you need hardware with low power consumption and still enough performance. Currently, I use a self-built NAS for the operation of my Docker containers. The hardware serves as network storage and at the same time as a platform for running my Docker containers. To optimize the setup, it would be better to separate the two tasks and run the server services on their own hardware. Since the data on a single device it not secure anyway, a NAS could additional... ... continue reading

Preview Raspberry Pi startup

Raspberry Pi startup

created: 2022-12-28 from Bernhard

When I bought my first Raspberry, the first thing I did was to install and run an OpenElec Media-Center image: works, faster and easier than expected. Thanks to the HDMI connector and the Full-HD graphics chip, the Raspberry Pi is wonderfully suited as a TV supplement in case of missing or deficient smart TV functions or as an engine for a retro game console like Super Nintendo. There are also more specialized images for automation tasks, for example as a supplement for controlling a 3D printer. ... continue reading

Preview Raspberry PI as WLAN access point

Raspberry PI as WLAN access point

created: 2022-09-13 from Bernhard

As an extension for my home network, I tested the Raspberry Pi 3 as a WLAN access point. Due to the integrated WLAN chip, the minicomputer can easily be used as an additional WLAN access point on an Ethernet cable. ... continue reading

Preview Field report: Ultrasonic flowmeter TUF-2000M

Field report: Ultrasonic flowmeter TUF-2000M

created: 2022-11-04 from Bernhard

Since my heating system, a water-to-water heat pump, does not offer the possibility to measure or record the water flow of the primary water circuit, I could not estimate whether enough water is being pumped from the extraction well.In addition to having to keeprecords of the flow rate for approval of the system , knowing the water flow rate for this type of system is essential for potential fault diagnosis. In order to keep a better eye on the primary circuit as a potential source of error, I... ... continue reading

Preview Troubleshooting loop signal search loop Husqvarna Automower.

Troubleshooting loop signal search loop Husqvarna Automower.

created: 2022-05-05 from Bernhard

What if one day the search loop of the robotic mower is interrupted. If you have just dug around in the garden, it is relatively easy to search for the problem area, but it is different when the mower no longer has a loop signal without any obvious external influence. The LED on the charging station then no longer lights up green, but flashes in the color blue or yellow on the 305/308 models. Exactly this fate has befallen me several times. I read a long time ago that the search loop can be foun... ... continue reading

BIOS Error Codes Beep Codes, Beep Tones: AMI PHOENIX AWARD

BIOS Error Codes Beep Codes, Beep Tones: AMI PHOENIX AWARD

created: 2022-09-24 from Bernhard

If the computer runs into an error, where it can no longer control the screen, the BIOS may still express itself with beeps (beep codes). The BIOS is the small program that reports immediately when the PC is switched on, before the operating system is loaded. Depending on the BIOS manufacturer, the beeps are different and mean something different. In order to be able to interpret the tones correctly, it is therefore important to know which BIOS variant is in use. This information can be found in... ... continue reading

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