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2023-11-10 16:28
A very nice device is missing from the list because it only has 32MB RAM. But the AVM 4040 doesn't deserve that. Its advantage is that all hardware is supported and it is extremely easy to handle (flash, debrick, ...). I have used the box in many demanding scenarios.

2023-08-10 02:52
Is there a similar list for devices without WLAN. I do not need WLAN functionality and try to find a device without unused hardware build in.

2023-05-16 21:43
Xiaomi AX3200 / Redmi AX6S
Xiaomi 4A Giga
Xiaomi AIoT Router AC2350
Xiaomi Redmi Router AC2100
comment date 16.05.2023 21:53
Thank you for your feedback. I took a look at the device page. Even they would work, looks like OpenWrt can not simple be installed using the existing webinterface. Looks like they need some kind of hacks to be installed ..

created by Bernhard

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