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By using parameters it is possible to optimize the Google search. With the correct spelling it is possible to influence - besides the date or a local restriction - if certain searchterms should be listed in the hits or if they should be excluded and for which pages the search should be done. The following tables list relevant search parameters to make the search even more efficient.

Search parameters / search helpers

Search parameters Description Example



searchterm1 searchterm2 ...

"AND" is used in a normal search by simply writing the searchterms one after the other. Alternatively, "AND" can also be specified between the searchterms:

searchterm1 AND searchterm2

searchterm1 searchterm2

OR "OR" can be used to search for a searchterm or another searchterm. searchterm1 OR searchterm2
() Group (searchterm1 OR searchterm2) AND searchterm3
AROUND(X) Search words that occur in the vicinity. searchterm1 ARROUND(4) searchterm2
(searchterm1 should be at most 4 words away from searchterm2).
" " Search for an exact string "Search for an exact string"

searchterm must occur,

+searchterm1 +searchterm2 is equal to:

"searchterm1" "searchterm2"

+searchterm1 +searchterm2
- Exclude certain searchterms

searchterm1 -searchterm2

(search for searchterm1 but only if searchterm2 does not occur)

* Wildcard search: Placeholder for an exact search for a character string "searchterm1 * searchterm2"
~ similar search hits ~searchterm
Search parameters Description Example
site: Search on a specific site searchterm
after:year-month-day Search hits published after a specific date. searchterm after:2021-11-01
before:year-month-day Search hits published before a specific year. searchterm before:2021-11-01
intext: Searches for occurrence in text intext:searchterm
allintext: Searches for specific terms within the text of the respective pages allintext:searchterm
intitle: Searches for specific terms within the title of the respective pages intitle:searchterm
allintitle: allintitle:searchterm1 searchterm2 is the same for several searchterms allintitle:searchterm1 allintitle:searchterm2
allintitle:searchterm1 searchterm2
inurl: Searches for specific terms within the URL of the respective pages inurl:searchterm
allinurl: allinurl:searchterm1 searchterm2 is the same for multiple searchterms inurl:searchterm1 inurl:searchterm2 allinurl:searchterm1 searchterm2
inanchor: Uses the anchor text of the page links for the search inanchor:searchterm
allinanchor: allinanchor:searchterm1 searchterm2 is the same for multiple searchterms allinanchor:searchterm1 allinanchor:searchterm2 allinanchor:searchterm1 searchterm2
loc: Find results from a specific area searchterm loc:area
filetype: Search for content of a specific file type searchterm filteype:pdf
source: Results from specific news sources searchterm source:news source
@ search in social networks searchterm @twitter
.. Search within a range camera $50..$100 (see:

Search specific results

Search parameters Description Example
cache: show an older version of a page from Google cache
weather: Searches for the weather of a specific location weather:location
stocks: Stock information stocks:Stock abbreviation
map: Shows map results for a location map:place
movie: Search information about a movie movie:movie title
blogurl: Find blogurls to a specific domain blogurl:domain.tld

Use is discouraged, see:

related: similar websites
# Search hashtags #hashTag
search for a price camera $400 (see:
imagesize: Search for a specific image size searchterm imagesize:500x400
to Convert units $1 to EUR
define: Find definitions define:blog

Chrome: Create your own search shortcuts

In Google Chrome, shortcuts can be created for a faster search:

The search can be started by entering the search abbreviation, in this case "libe" followed by a space:


The browser then translates the query by replacing %s with the searchterm:


The search parameters presented here can be combined almost arbitrarily and allow a much more targeted search. By using search parameters, it is possible to elicit hits from Google that would remain hidden with a normal search, among other things.


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