Create BATch file - CMD, BAT commands in Windows (DOS)


BATch commands date back to the DOS era and are still a useful tool for certain uses, yet Windows PowerShell is usually the better choice for administering and automating tasks today, see: Windows PowerShell.

The commands described here were tested under Windows 2000/XP, but are also valid for Windows 10 / 11.


The command "help" in the Command Prompt provides an overview of the available commands. With the command name and /? more detailed information about the respective command can be displayed, e.g. xcopy /?

Applications of batch files

Creating batch files:

Basic: echo / echo off, pause command:

 @echo off 
 echo This is a Textfile

small backup tasks with xcopy
Backup folder:

@echo off
 xcopy c:\Documents d:\save /D /E /Y /I

xcopy exclude

Set variables:

@echo off 
 set var=value
 echo %var% 

Windows variables:


@echo off 
 echo in the loop
 goto start 

TEST: does a file exist?:

if exist %file.txt goto jump
@echo off 
 if exist %datei.txt goto jump
 echo File not found
 goto END
 echo File does not exist


 @echo off
 xcopy c:\so c:\so2
 if errorlevel 1 goto error
 goto end
 echo copy was not successful!

Create a 2nd file, add:

echo hello > temp.txt 
echo hello >> temp.txt 


set year=%date:~-4%
set month=%date:~-7,2%
set day=%date:~-10,2%
echo %year%%month%%day%

creates then e.g.:20050921

Automate FTP:

 CD html 
 PUT C:\documents\homepage\index.htm 
 CD .. 
 CD images
 put C:\documents\homepage\images\image.gif image.gif 
ftp -s:dieftpdatei.ftp
curl -T C:\documents\homepage\index.htm --user USERNAME:PASSWORD

further topics or instructions for beginners

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