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2024-01-26 12:10
Is there a way to limit the discharging of the Battery to the exact amount of the consumption of the house?
So when I charge my cars is it possible to click on a button to prevent charging the car with my battery? 
Btw. good job and many Thanks.
comment date 26.01.2024 12:21
Hi, i think this can in theory be done, if you have the consumption-Values from the house via smart-meter.
But if the consumption changes very fast, for example if the stove is constantly turning on and off: The automation can then only react with a delay and changing the charging would have an extra delay.

created by Bernhard
comment date 26.01.2024 12:25
Oh, you are fast...
I already have those variables... (sensor.solarnet_verbrauchsleistung in my case)
I tried things like:
{{ 65536 - (states('sensor.solarnet_verbrauchsleistung')|int(0) / states('sensor.wchamax')|int(1) * 1)|int }}
but it never worked for me.

created by anonym

2024-01-03 23:23, changed 2024-01-04 07:51
Dear Bernhard, thanks for the interesting article. I already implemented it to my HA installation, too. A point that took me a while: The above process does not allow to have the HACS repository SunSpec installed in parallel as described in your other article. When having removed it, it worked immediately (I assume it is a port or module conflict when both is running - SunSpec and Modbus).
As I am not experienced I struggled with the feature at the beginning of your article but not described in detail: "force discharge".
The battery management of the fronius inverter accessible by the web interface allows to set a "minimum discharge power" ("minimale Entladeleistung"). What I do not use for myself is sold. As I am limited in selling electricity this helps to force the battery to discharge in the morning before sun rises in summer. So I can optimize the outcome of my system.
How did you implement this feature? Is there a related value to MinRsvPct for maximum charge?
Thanks a lot and again appreciated your article!
comment date 07.01.2024 12:09
Thank you for your feedback: 
This is strange, as i have SunSpec in parallel to the described Modbus-Setup in configuration.yaml without any issues. Regarding force charge and discharge: the input_number: charging_power is used to limit force charging and forced discharging. MinRsvPct sets the state of charge in percent for force charge till the battery should be loaded. For now i implemented the Feature only via buttons und the input_number to start it manually. In future i plan to trigger this via automation and plan to write an update on this.

created by Bernhard

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