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Some time has passed since my last domain transfer to another provider. Back in 2003, I had - and this is no joke - sent a form by fax for the transfer. Today the domain can be started simply by a domain release at the original provider. The original provider provides an AUTH-Code (AUTHINFO), a kind of password with which the domain can be taken over by the new provider.

Original provider: Hosteurope

With my original provider I was able to create a release for the transfer in their administration interface:

They have a menu option in Domain services: "release for transfer".

After a few days an AUTHCODE was filled for the domains, this can be seen at Host Europe via "Create/View Transfer Releases":

new provider: Hetzner

With the new provider the domain can be ordered for its takeover quite normally.

When specifying the domain name, the AUTH code provided by the original provider can be used to transfer the domain:

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