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Retrofitting the existing home with smart home functions is easier than ever today. However, due to the multitude of standards and available software components, choosing a suitable system is not so easy.

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Preview Smart-Home-Plattform - ioBroker vs. Home-Assistant

Smart-Home-Plattform - ioBroker vs. Home-Assistant

created: 2022-05-05 from Bernhard

For home automation, there are numerous different standards and a large number of different platforms. Open source platforms often offer the possibility to connect different automation standards with each other. As an example, a small mini-computer, a Raspberry Pi or a NAS equipped with multiple receivers could control different automation solutions via one platform. ... continue reading

Preview Home Assistant Docker Conbee 2 and Zigbee2MQTT / deCONZ

Home Assistant Docker Conbee 2 and Zigbee2MQTT / deCONZ

changed: 2022-09-20 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-09)

Thanks to numerous integration options,Home Assistant is a simple platform for controlling a wide range of smart home devices. Compared to ioBroker, I found it much easier to get started with Home Assistant. While for ioBroker I was still searching for which frontend I could use for my dashboards, with Home-Assistant I had a ready-made system out of the box. Home Assistant's Lovelance dashboards can be easily clicked together in the GUI and adapted for special customizations in the code editor... ... continue reading

Preview ioBroker install - Docker

ioBroker install - Docker

changed: 2022-08-21 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-09)

With ioBroker different automation solutions or devices can be combined in one system. To address specific gateways or devices, different adapters are used in ioBroker; ... continue reading

MQTT - Broker in Docker

MQTT - Broker in Docker

created: 2022-09-20 from Bernhard

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is an open network protocol for transmitting messages between devices. An MQTT broker, like the open source Mosquitto server, is a simple solution to receive data from SmartHome devices or to control them .As an example, I use MQTT with an ESP32 microcontroller to have it send values to the MQTT broker, which can be retrieved via the MQTT integration in HomeAssistant. In addition, I use the MQTTBroker to communicate my Zigbee devices via Zigbee2MQT, see... ... continue reading

Zigbee2MQTT vs deCONZ and Phoscon
Docker /

Zigbee2MQTT vs deCONZ and Phoscon

created: 2022-10-02 from Bernhard

Both Phoscon and Zigbee2MQTT are programs for controlling a Zigbee gateway, like the Conbee 2. The primary task of a Zigbee gateway is to connect and centrally control Zigbee devices. After initial difficulties with stability, Phoscon worked relatively well for me recently, but after more than a year of deCONZ and Phoscon I switched to Zigbee2MQTT.One reason for the change was a dimmer switch, which I did not get stable under Phoscon until last: Sometimes it worked, sometimes not, see also: Conb... ... continue reading

Preview Commissioning Zigbee2MQTT in Docker - step by step

Commissioning Zigbee2MQTT in Docker - step by step

created: 2022-10-02 from Bernhard

Zigbee2MQTT is an open source Zigbee bridge which can be easily integrated into existing smart home solutions thanks to the MQTT network protocol. As an example, Zigbee2MQTT combined with MQTT broker Mosquitto and Home Assistant can collect, display, record and control data from Zigbee devices. The setup described here uses Docker as a base. Manufacturer's website: ... continue reading

Preview Conbee 2: Phoscon deCONZ - Docker Startup | Review

Conbee 2: Phoscon deCONZ - Docker Startup | Review

changed: 2022-09-01 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-09)

With the small USB stick Conbee2 I extended my NAS with a Zigbee gateway. Conbee2 can be installed on Raspbian, Ubuntu, Docker or Windows. ... continue reading

Grafana: Docker - visualize data and define alarms

Grafana: Docker - visualize data and define alarms

created: 2022-05-09 from Bernhard

Grafana is a web application for visualizing data. With Grafana you can create nice charts or define alarms in a few minutes. ... continue reading

Preview InfluxDB: Time series database in Docker

InfluxDB: Time series database in Docker

created: 2022-05-09 from Bernhard

An InfluxDB database is a database optimized for time data. For visualization InfluxDB is often used in combination with Grafana. Note: This article refers to InfluxDB version 1, information about version 2 will follow soon. ... continue reading

Monitor systems: Monitoring in HomeAssistant with Glances

Monitor systems: Monitoring in HomeAssistant with Glances

created: 2022-05-09 from Bernhard

For collecting system data from other operating systems, HomeAssistant offers Glances integration, among other things. Glances is a terminal program for monitoring system status such as CPU, memory or disk usage. The additional WebServer mode allows to retrieve the status without SSH. For information about the integration in Home-Assistant, see: Home-Assistant. ... continue reading

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