Shut down Windows 10 automatically - turn off PC [Time].


By entering the Shutdown command, the PC can be shut down after a certain time without any additional program.

Shutdown command

To do this, start the command prompt using the command CMD in the search field and enter the following command:

shutdown -s -t 90

-s means: shutdown

-t 90 : in 90 seconds

After entering the command, the message: you will be logged off shortly will appear:

other parameters:

"shutdown -h" puts the computer into sleep mode

the parameter "-f" forces the shutdown, if it is not possible with the normal variant.

shutdown-r -t 90 -f

Forces restarting the computer

Shut down or restart PC after a certain time

To shut down or restart the PC after a certain time has elapsed, the -t parameter and the waiting time in seconds can be used with the shutdown command described. As an alternative the action can be scheduled using task scheduling as described below.

Shutting down another computer via GUI

By entering the shutdown -i command, computers can be shut down via command prompt if the user has the appropriate permissions:

Scheduling the restart or shutdown

With the help of the task scheduling, the restart or shutdown can be scheduled at a certain time:

Either via PowerShell, see

or directly in the task scheduler:

Program/Script: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe

Argument "-r -t 30" restarts the computer after a waiting time of 30 seconds

Argument "-h -t 30" shuts down the computer after waiting 30 seconds

Change user to "System

At the scheduled time, this message will appear on the screen:

Cancel shutdown

If the shutdown of a PC has been scheduled, the process can be aborted before the specified time has elapsed. To do this, issue the following command at the command prompt:

shutdown -a

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