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Preview Alternative router firmware: OpenWrt and no longer DD-WRT
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Alternative router firmware: OpenWrt and no longer DD-WRT

changed: 2023-01-05 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-05-07)

Router manufacturers usually provide updates for their products only for a limited period of time, often leaving security holes on older devices unpatched. One possibility to provide the hardware with an up-to-date operating system (OS) again is offered by the freely available router firmware: OpenWRT. In addition, OpenWRT can extend the functionality of the router with additional services, such as VPN, additional statistics, or when using multiple devices, with WiFi roaming, see also: Set up ne... ... continue reading

Preview OpenWRT hardware recommendation - available devices 2023
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OpenWRT hardware recommendation - available devices 2023

created: 2023-01-10 from Bernhard

OpenWRT provides a uniform and up-to-date software for different network devices like routers or access points and delivers countless additional setting options, software packages and functions. This makes it possible to combine new and old devices from different manufacturers and, among other things, to use low-cost hardware in a common WiFi, see: Setting up a home network: Extending LAN and WLAN | Improving. ... continue reading

Preview OpenWrt Upgrade: Keep packages and settings | the easy way

OpenWrt Upgrade: Keep packages and settings | the easy way

created: 2022-10-28 from Bernhard

Especially routers that are permanently connected to the Internet should be regularly updated with new software versions. Besides closed security holes, the update brings new features and fixes bugs. Upgrading an OpenWrt router is not a lot of work, but it can be made much easier with the "Attended Sysupgrade". Originally, I upgraded new OpenWrt versions using a previously downloaded sysupgrade image. Since the default image only contains certain software packages, additional packages have to b... ... continue reading

Preview Uninterrupted WiFi: Roaming (Fast Transition)
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Uninterrupted WiFi: Roaming (Fast Transition)

created: 2023-01-05 from Bernhard

The marketing term "mesh WiFi" often refers to the desire for a WiFi that simply works everywhere in the house. But what actually is a mesh WiFi? And what is really needed for WiFi to work everywhere and even when switching from one receiving station to another? My setup consists of two access points, which as a unit provide a single WiFi SSID. As access points I use devices from different manufacturers and OpenWrt as firmware. The access points provide uninterrupted reception when I move from o... ... continue reading

Preview OpenWRT - my setup

OpenWRT - my setup

created: 2023-01-05 from Bernhard

For my home network I use a router with OpenWRT. My requirements for the router are basically the following tasks: ... continue reading

Preview OpenWRT - Display bandwidth of individual devices (monitor)
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OpenWRT - Display bandwidth of individual devices (monitor)

changed: 2022-10-19 from Bernhard (Initial Release: 2022-06-15)

Most routers show an overview of all connected devices, some show a snapshot of the bandwidth used, but hardly any give an overview of the amount of data consumed over a certain period of time and certainly not by which device it was consumed. To make the consumed bandwidth a bit more transparent, I was looking for a way to historically record the bandwidth per device. The firmware of normal routers hardly offer a possibility here, differently when using an open source firmware, for example Open... ... continue reading

Preview OpenWRT LoadBalancing - LTE backup internet line multiwan
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OpenWRT LoadBalancing - LTE backup internet line multiwan

created: 2022-05-26 from Bernhard

With OpenWrt, it is possible to combine two Internet connections, which not only increases availability, but also bandwidth: In the test setup, the download and upload rates added up, the Internet connection thus becomes twice as fast and should one connection fail: the Internet simply continues to function over the remaining connection. ... continue reading

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