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Why do I need a 3D printer? Admittedly, I also asked this question when I first heard about affordable 3D printers for the home. After a few years of use, this is how I would describe it: Even now, I don't know what I'll need the printer for next, but I know what I can do with it and I know: I'll need it again: at the latest, when a plastic part breaks somewhere, I think about whether I can print a replacement part myself ...

The place to go for 3D objects on the Internet is the site The objects presented here are either from Thingiverse, or from me and I uploaded them there.

Printer customizations

Sure, printouts to improve the printer are not really a reason for a 3D printer, but the device can be customized and improve itself:

Hotend fan for the GEEETech i3 ProB


or alternatively:

Filament feed for the hotend

Conversion of the extruder drive to a 7.5mm drive pinion instead of 11mm.




Filament rolls can be placed on printed runners for easy swapping:


Battery adapter

Certain battery types can be replaced by smaller types with the help of an adapter, accordingly it is not necessary to stock all battery types all the time.

CR2032 to 2450 battery adapter


AA to C (Mignon to Baby) battery adapter


Replacement brake pads for roller skaters

TPU is suitable for making brake pads for roller skaters. A small challenge is that these are usually not standardized, accordingly I have already drawn templates for different blocks in FreeCad itself.

Download: brake_rollerskater_1.stl

Download: brake_rollerskater_2.stl

Download: brake_rollerskater_3.stl

Alternative download:

Spare glasses

I used the following template as a basis for my glasses:

The adaptation to your own glasses can be done with the program Blender, see the following article Glasses from 3D Printer


Toilet paper holder

Plastic bag resealable: Bag Clip

Bottle - Drainer


alternative download:


I use a printed phone cover for my Samsung A40:

TPU should be used as material for this.

Bullet-Bill Mario Kart - Nintendo -> Carrera SlotCar

Not quite according to the rules, because this SlotCar has no front wheels, but still fully functional:

alternative download:

Decoration: Christmas star for the Christmas tree

Jewelry: Earrings


Switch Controller

Gravitrax Altitude Stone

There are some extensions for Gravitrax on Thingiverse, for example the Höhenstein:





alternative download:

see: Build NAS yourself

Water meter ESP32

Although there are several templates for the project "AI-on-the-edge-device" on Thingiverse, none of them met my expectations:

I wanted to print the housing in one part and without support. To minimize reflections from the light on the glass of the water clock, I tilted the object by 9° and shielded the light with a small wall. For attaching the ESP, I printed two cutouts to be able to fix it with cable ties.

Download: watermeterV2.stl

or alternative download:

See also: Monitor water meter, record consumption: ESP32-Cam]]TransLinks


I'm constantly trying to add new items here, so just check back, or enable notifications for the site, see: Push Notifications.

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