Glasses from the 3D printer


But I only wanted to clean them with a soft cloth and I already had 2 parts in my hand. After about 3 years it is broken: the frame of my glasses is broken.

Once again on Thingiverse on the road, I found there glasses that look quite similar to mine. The challenge to use these is certainly to adapt the existing glasses to the model. Having spent some time with the 3D modeling program Blender, I wanted to test my existing knowledge :

Photo of the glasses

In order to better adapt the model to the glasses, I photographed them and inserted them into Blender:

Split the model

I cut the 3D model of the glasses frame in 2 halves and pasted the photo in scale if possible and then adapted the frame to the glasses:

Duplicate and mirror

Afterwards I duplicated and mirrored the half glasses again

after a test printout and small adjustments, I could then also press in the lenses, then still print the temples and attach with a piece of filament and ready:

See also: free 3D programs in comparison FreeCAD vs. OpenSCAD vs. Blender

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