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Notfall / Antivirus Boot CD (DOS, Bart Pe)

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-Ultimate Boot CD
-Barts PE
-EBCD – Emergency Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD:

Hard Disk Installation:

- MaxBlast 3 (Maxtor) - DiscWizard 2003 (Seagate)
- Disk Manager (Seagate) - Disk Manager (Samsung)

Hard Disk Diagnosis:

- Drive Fitness Test (IBM/Hitachi) - PowerMax (Maxtor/Quantum)
- DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital) - DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital)  
- Data Lifeguard (Western Digital) - SeaTools Desktop (Seagate)
- SeaTools Desktop (Seagate) - Diagnostic Tool (Fujitsu)
- SHDIAG (Samsung) - HUTIL (Samsung)
- GWSCAN (Gateway) - GWSCAN (Gateway)
- Salvation HDD Scan and Repair - MHDD32
- Ontrack Data Advisor Free Edition

Hard Disk Device Management

- Feature Tool (IBM/Hitachi) - AMSET (Maxtor)
- MAXLLF (Maxtor) - UATA100 (Seagate)
- Ultra ATA Manager (Western Digital) - SMARTUDM
- ATA Password Tool - ATAINF

Hard Disk Wiping

- AutoClave - Active@ KillDisk Free Edition
- Darik's Boot and Nuke - PC INSPECTOR e-maxx

Hard Disk Cloning

- HDClone (Free Edition) - g4u
- PC INSPECTOR clone maxx - XXCOPY

Hard Disk Sector Editor

- Disk Editor - DISKMAN4
- PTS DiskEditor

Partition Tools:

- Ranish Partition Manager - XFDISK (Extended FDISK)
- SPFDISK (Special FDISK) - TestDisk
- Partition Resizer - Partition Saving
- Free FDISK - MBRtool
- MBRWork - FIPS
- Active@ Partition Recovery

Boot Managers

- Smart BootManager - Gujin - GAG - XOSL

File Managers

- DOS Navigator - File Maven

NTFS Tools

- Offline NT Password & Registry Editor - Active NTFS Reader for DOS
- EditBINI - Boot Partition

System Burn-In Test

- Lucifer

CPU Test

- CPU Burn-in - Mersenne Prime Test

Memory Test

- Memtest86 - Memtest86+ - Windows Memory Diagnostic
- DocMem RAM Diagnostic - DocMem RAM Diagnostic - TestMem4
- ctramtest

Peripherals Test

- Parallel port detection and test utilities - ATAPI CDROM Identification

CPU Information

- Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility

System Information

- AIDA16 - NSSI - PC-Config - ASTRA
- PCISniffer - PCI - CTIA  

Benchmark Applications

- System Speed Test 32 - 3D Benchmark VGA
- CPU Benchmark - CD Index

BIOS Utilities

- BIOS - UniFlash - WipeCMOS - CMOSPWD - !BIOS

DOS Boot Disks

- FreeDOS Boot Disk - NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk
- Madboot Floppy - MSRRC: Bart's Network Boot Disk on FreeDOS

Antivirus Tools

- F-Prot Antivirus for DOS (Personal use only) - McAfee Antivirus Scanner
- Avast! V7.7 for DOS - AntiVir Personal Edition

Network Tools

- Freesco - Arachne WWW Browser
- QNX Demo Browser (network and modem version) - NetCopy

Disk Image Tools

- Disk Image Writer

zu bekommen auf: www.ultimatebootcd.com


Plugins standardmäßig inkludiert, kein zusätzlicher Download erforderlich:

Nu2menu by Henk de Jong.
BARTPE: Network Support by Bart Lagerweij.
Bart's Stuff Test v5 by Bart Lagerweij.
PENETCFG: PE Network configurator (theTruth) by Pierre Mounir (TheTruth).
Boot Fix (Enabling Press any key to boot from CD) by Bart Lagerweij.
Check Disk (chkdsk.exe) by Bart Lagerweij.
Custom by Bart Lagerweij.
Profiles by Bart Lagerweij.
QSoft Ramdisk by Christiaan Ghijselinck.
Remote Desktop Client by Microsoft.
Startup Group (autorun) by Erwin Veermans.
Dos support for BartPE by Erwin Veermans.
Keyboard Layout by Boris Mebarek.
A43 File Management Utility by B.G. Miller.
BartPE Installer v2 by Bart Lagerweij.
Serial Mouse by Bart Lagerweij.
Drive Snapshot by Tom Ehlert.
PE Loader v0.4 by TheTruth.

folgende Plugins benötigen Files aus dem Internet damit sie funktionieren:

BGInfo by Jeff Black.
Total Commander by Christian Ghisler.
Ad-Aware SE by Lavasoft.
IrfanView by Irfan Skiljan.
McAfee commandline virus scanner by Network Associates.
Off By One Web Browser by Off By One Productions.
PuTTY by Simon Tatham.
McAfee AVERT Stinger by Network Associates.
UltraVNC by UltraVNC Team.
Adaptec ASPI by Bart Lagerweij.
RPCSS Service Security Patch (KB824146) by Bart Lagerweij.
Mozilla Embed by Bart Lagerweij.

... und noch einige andere Plugins div. Authoren

siehe auf: www.nu2.nu/pebuilder

EBCD – Emergency Boot CD

für Bastler die sich Images auf eine CD bannen wollen:
zu finden auf: ebcd.pcministry.com

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